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The photographic memory for your web-research.

Full-text search your browser history, bookmarks and across all apps you use to organise your knowledge.

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and make a first step towards verifying the internet with science.

Full-text search all the pages & PDFs you visited and bookmarked

Classic browsers and most bookmarking managers only let you search for a the title and URL of the content you are looking for

But we remember other things, like a keyword, topic, author, time frame or website.

Apply a variety of filters to your results

Regular browsers and bookmarking managers don’t let you filter the way your brain stores information.

You remember things like keywords, authors, what you have been visiting before and after, the day or time frame of the last visit or the topic (and more).

Soon you’ll also be able to simultaneously search through your favorite knowledge storages as well.

We’ll first add the services that are wanted by the community the most. So weigh in to have yours developed quicker.

Which service(s) do you want to search through?

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Why are we doing this?

Scientific misinformation leads to public scientific illiteracy, blocking fact-based and solution-oriented discourse about topics that are critical to humanity’s future. (i.e. like climate-change or sustainable agriculture)
Here is how we plan to tackle this issue:

Project Values

WorldBrain’s core value is transparency.

Not only in terms of making misinformation transparent, but also about our practices as a company.

This is why we want to be fully transparent about our decisions, financials (as soon as the first report is out), code and how the users data is used to serve themselves, the community and our business models.

All of your data is stored and processed locally.

We want to give you full control of how your data is used and to revoke our access to it anytime. Nothing will every leave your computer without your prior approval. Ever.

In later stages, it will be possible to voluntarily share content recommendations and specific metadata with anybody you like. Be it your friends, other organisations, researchers…or WorldBrain.


And even when a server is needed to provide you services, (i.e. mobile sync) we work towards a decentralised architecture that will give you full power over the server and data.

Our goal: A sustainable project

We are a for-profit social enterprise(?) in our legal defnition, but we don’t see ourselves that way.

We are for-impact and for a fair distribution of profits/benefits among the communities at WorldBrain (team, contributors, users, and investstors)

We don’t believe that neither a full-for-profit, nor a non-profit NGO nor a Social Business(?) is a fair model for people dedicating their valuable life time to the project. So we are working on finding a sweet spot in between.


In our progress we don’t want to be limited by the dogmatic legal structures of NGOs or business definitions.
Instead we want to be free to do, what shows to be the most sustainable path for our social impact and the company.

Therefore, we want to be judged and measured by the merits of our actions.

Open Source Software

We aim to open source as much of the software as possible and our code should be modular, and easily reusable and replicable by other projects. 

There may be some elements or algorithms, we won’t be able to open-source due to security issues, prevent gaming or to ensure the financial sustainability of the project.

But this will be discussed with the community beforehand in any case.

Our primary goals are sustainability and impact – not personal gain.